Gabriele Stevenson

Since 1987 Gabriele Stevenson has strived to provide the best solutions for her customers in north Texas.  She truly loves what she does, and it shows in her dedication and determination to please her loyal clients.  

"Gaby", as many of her customers call her, represents various manufacturers to provide the best floor and wall solutions for your project.


  • Choosing the right floor and/or solution
  • Customer Service - timely responses, honest answers and thoroughness
  • Education - from specifier to end user, providing knowledge and information so that all parties involved are informed.


  • Safety
  • Well being
  • Reclamation
  • Floorscore certification
  • Enviromentally conscious manufacturers
  • REACH compliance
  • mindful MATERIALS 
  • Responsible Sourcing (the new hot button about conflict materials) 
  • HPDs 
  • EPDs 
  • Declare/ Red List Free